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The following articles are written by Dr. Robert Fugate, unless otherwise specified. Please make appropriate use of these free articles by sharing them freely and in their entirety (including copyright).
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A Defense of Calvinism by Charles H. Spurgeon 
Anyone Else but Me! The prevalent practice of setting aside Scriptural commands to render selective obedience 
A Summary of Crucial Errors of Pietism Is the "spiritual" vs. "sacred" dichotomy Biblical? Or, the danger of false spirituality 
Biblical Proof that a Fetus Is a Person 9 Biblical arguments demonstrating that a fetus is a spiritual, rational, moral person 
Biblical Qualifications for Civil Government Office Holders Adapted from Dr. Robert Fugate, "Key Principles of Biblical Civil Government" 
Christianity and the Arts Includes 9 tests for judging the arts 
Christian Schools Should Not Be State Certified! 11 reasons K-12 Christian schools should not seek state accreditation or state certification 
Educational Advice from Christian Authorities Referenced quotations from leading Christian reformers and theologians regarding the necessity of Christian education (an excerpt from Dr. Robert Fugate, "God's Mandate for Biblical Education") 
For Whom Did Christ Die? by John Owen 
God's Word Prohibits Body Disfigurement A Biblical examination of body modification (tattoos and "artistic" body piercing) 
How to Turn a Young Warrior into a Wimp Screwtape's unchanging schemes against a Samson 
Is Natural Revelation Sufficient to Govern Culture? by John Frame 
Nation and Church Prayer Focus Topically arranged Scriptures for praying for one’s nation and church 
Ninety-Five Theses Against Dispensationalism by 
Optimism and Pessimism Neither optimism nor pessimism is inherently Biblical; both are humanistic 
Why Should I Study Theology? Theology is inescapable; it is the foundation for all of life and ministry 
Showing 16 items