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God's Mandate for Biblical Education

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God’s Mandate for Biblical Education. Education can only be understood from the perspective of worldviews. This 159-page booklet briefly examines the components of worldviews (particularly epistemology), and then presents the Biblical worldview of education. Nine arguments (including the absolute lordship of Jesus Christ and covenant faithfulness) are powerfully presented, demonstrating that Biblically-consistent, comprehensive, Christian education is Biblically mandated for all subjects of study, for all Christian children. This is followed by the six necessary components of Christian education, i.e., Biblically directed: teachers, content, goals, standard, method, and motivations. Foundational presuppositions for a Biblical philosophy of history, language, and science are taught. (Most people are surprised to learn that it is philosophically and logically impossible for science to ever arrive at absolute truth!) Many other questions are answered head-on, such as: Can education ever be religiously neutral? What is the Biblical role of the church and the state in the education of children? Is “classical” Christian education Biblical? (The answers may surprise you!) The differences between the Hebrew and Greek models of education are powerfully presented. In summary, this book does not deal with the well-documented evils in the public schools; neither is it based on the unbiblical philosophy of pragmatism; instead, it provides a hard-hitting ideology of truly Biblical education that is applicable in all cultures, forcing Christians to re-think most contemporary practices. Powerful quotes from Luther, A.A. Hodge, Machen, and many others are included. God’s Mandate for Biblical Education makes an excellent gift for pastors and church libraries.