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The Bible: God's Words to You

The Bible: God’s Words to You is a Reformed, presuppositional treatment of the doctrine of Scripture, including: inspiration, inerrancy, Reformation properties of Scripture, illumination by the Holy Spirit, Old and New Testament canon, apocrypha, and textual criticism.

One of the unique features of this book is its presentation of the subject of bibliology from the perspective of the Biblical world- and life- view, along with a presuppositional approach to apologetics.

The book teaches from Scripture itself, while still providing abundant, choice citations from the best Reformed and evangelical literature. The author’s presuppositional presentation of the canon of Scripture and textual criticism are particularly helpful; his analysis of the unbiblical presuppositions underlying much faulty textual criticism is desperately needed.

The Bible: God’s Words to You includes a glossary, five appendices, and memory verses. One particularly useful appendix surveys the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy throughout church history, offering a litany of carefully-selected, well-referenced citations.

863 pages

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