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Tyrants Are Not Ministers of God

Tyrants Are Not Ministers of God: What the Bible Teaches about Civil Disobedience, Romans 13, and Quarantine
offers a fresh analysis of Biblical teaching on the Christian right of civil disobedience, Romans 13, and quarantine—utilizing the finest exegetical tools available—yet faithful to the Reformed heritage. Thirteen categorical scenarios are presented that allow civil disobedience and resistance to tyrannical civil magistrates. Numerous Biblical examples of God-endorsed civil disobedience are cited. Next, Romans 13 is examined to determine the extent of obedience to civil magistrates that God requires. The third section analyzes three key passages of Scripture to determine their applicability to contemporary medical quarantines imposed by civil governments (Lev. 13–14; Num. 5:1–4; 31:19–20). The introduction answers the objection, “civil government is not a gospel issue.” An appendix includes sample church guidelines regarding sicknesses and pandemics. One of the unique features of this book is its examination of civil disobedience and quarantine in the context of the separate jurisdictions of family, church, and state. Tyrants Are Not Ministers of God is the most relevant Biblical study to critique current lockdowns/quarantines and to equip you and your church to respond accordingly! Tyrants Are Not Ministers of God is a 6x9-inch, 163-page paperback.

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